Saturday, January 23, 2010

RSS and Computer Security Intellegence Gathering

A short time ago, I created an OPML of computer security related RSS feeds. I hand this file out to all of my students and show them how to use google reader as an intelligence aggregation and threat response tool.

Simply put: using this OPML file (included below) and the search function within google reader (or any RSS aggregator) you can gather everything from current exploits, blog punditry, snort rules, and academic research on any computer security topic.

Try it out. Load the OPML (linked below) and the search for "Internet Explorer" (our favorite browser) and see what turns up. You won't be disappointed.

I've included a listing of sites below, and would appreciate it if you left a comment with links that I missed. Feel free to link against the OPML file, I'll keep the URL static for as long as I have this domain.

Computer Security OPML File

Here's an expanded list of the current Computer Security OPML File:

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